In 2006, many commercial beekeepers close to me lost 80% of their colonies. These beekeepers nearly lost their livelihoods. For them, beekeeping has become more difficult than everso I became determined to find sustainable solutions for colony losses within the beekeeping industry.I pursued honey bee research because I understood the current plight of beekeepers. With my personal connections with over 30 commercial beekeepers and my 8 years of commercial beekeeping experience, I have become passionate about understanding sustainable solutions for the beekeeping industry. In 2015, I became a master’s student at North Dakota State University. My research focused on queen failures, a growing issue for beekeepers. After graduation, I began working for the Bee Informed partnership, and I observed similar queen issues with the 30 Midwest beekeepers I worked with. I was perplexed by this issue and decided to pursue my PhD at Purdue UniversityMy research will focus on using genomic techniques to understand drone fertility, and eventually, improve commercial queen stocks with this information.  Besides my deep passion for bees I am interested in travelling, officiating wrestling, Minnesota professional sports, photography, and triathlon/running competitions.